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What Is An NFT? (Beginner’s Guide)

I’ve invested almost a million dollars in NFT’s… this video covers everything you need to know about them!

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How to Buy an NFT

In this video, I show you how to buy an NFT step by step & how to avoid common mistakes beginners make.

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How To Setup A Cold Storage Wallet For Crypto And NFT’s

Today I go in-depth on how to set up your NFT cold storage wallet.

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I'm Changing Real Estate Forever - Tykes NFT Revealed

Today I dive deep into my NFT project, Tykes. I’ve made my career in physical real estate, and I think digital real estate is going to be very similar.

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I Built The Worlds First NFT Airbnb

This is my first ever Airbnb that I‘m keeping exclusively for my Tykes NFT holders. This has never been done before by real estate investors or NFT creators…

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How to Use Discord (Don't Get Scammed!)

Discord is one of the main platforms for communication for many aspects of social media, including in the crypto and NFT spaces!

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